Partenariat de l’Agence & Developer

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Agence et Developer Partenariat

Vous pouvez vous inscrire vous-même ou votre agence en tant que partenaire. Nous obtenons plus de projets que nous ne pouvons travailler. Donc, si vous êtes intéressé à recevoir des ordres de nous, alors inscrivez-vous ici. Nous décroissons plusieurs contrats par mois. La langue, le pays d’origine et les compétences jouent un rôle dans l’attribution.

Les informations qu’ils ont fournies


Please answer the following questions truthfully. It makes no sense to be the hero here if you get stuck on a project we hand over to you. Having more skills does not mean you will get more orders at the same time. We distribute the orders to suitable partners according to the degree of difficulty.

Please choose the editor you work with most often


Please appreciate your ability to create beautiful content with the mentioned editors.


You can also make CSS adjustments if the theme and the editor do not offer these possibilities.

Could you build any website with Beaver Builder or Elementor


If plugins or themes need to be extended, php code must be written into functions.php. How do you estimate your abilities to do this.


How do you rate your ability to create shortcodes?


Can you build or extend websites with wpml multilingual?


How do you rate your Woocommerce skills?

Can you make the store settings that are required in your country of origin?


What are your skills in multilingual Woocommerce. Language, currency, shipping costs etc.

Which of these languages do you know best?

Do you know a second language very well?

Procedure and payment

After a customer has placed an order, we create a WordPress website with the necessary plugins on a subdomain. You as a partner will receive admin access data and all information you need to create the plugins. You don't have to invest anything to complete the order.

We can only pay out invoices to our partners once the website has been completed and approved by us. If the customer wants to pay in 6 monthly installments, we also pay our partners in 6 monthly installments.

You receive 70% of the order cost