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We create web pages based on templates. You can choose any theme from and commission us to recreate the site.

How we proceed!

The templates on Themeforest are a good basis for getting innovative layouts and design ideas. However, there are a few points to keep in mind.

In recent years it has turned out for us that it makes little sense just to install the templates of Themeforest and hand over a website created in this way to our customers.

From the very beginning, our intention was to enable our customers to take initiative on their own initiative. In our opinion, being able to change the content of a website itself is a must for good customer service. A professional WordPress site with a modular character is our ambition.

It turns out that the editors with whom most templates were created on Themeforest are too difficult for our customers. If you work with it every day or weekly, this is ok but as an end customer who wants to change something on the page every 2-3 months, these editors are not self-explanatory enough.

This is why we recreate Themeforest templates with our editor and our Theme (Astra Pro).

BeaverBuilder or Elementor are the two editors we use to enable our customers to create their own hands after the website has been completed.

They are REAL front-end editors. This means they edit texts and images directly on the page and see the changes in real time.

WordPress has (currently) about 50,000 extensions and about 40,000 design templates.

To guarantee a good service it is absolutely necessary to work with a fixed plugin selection. With 200+ customers, we can only provide fast and professional support if not every site has different extensions. This allows us to work cost-effectively and reliably for you.

Also support in the form of a WordPress course and individual tutorials is only possible with a uniform plugin selection. Each theme and plugin has its own settings and its own representation of these settings pages.

Since we want to continue to support our customers with videos in the future, this plugin selection is absolutely necessary because we cannot create videos for hundreds of plugins.

We create each page with our agency plugin selection.

These plugins would cost you about 400€ per year royalties. We have agency licenses and can license your site.

For you, these plugins are free of charge for the site we create.

  1. We create each website with the Astra Pro Theme. With this theme and the editor we can recreate any layout.
  2. BeaverBuilder or Elementor
    We create each website with one of these two editors. This has the advantage that it will be very easy for you to create or modify your content in the future. Of course, you don't have to do that. But you have the possibility to edit all content yourself with the help of our videos.
  3. Each website is equipped with the slider plugin SmartSlider Pro. This way, beautiful sliders can be created that will elicit a "WOW" from your visitors.
  4. Each website is equipped with WPRocket. WPRocket is one of the leading cache plugins. This plugin speeds up your website so that it loads quickly.
  5. Convert Pro is one of the leading plugins for making visitors customers. With this plugin, newsletter registration forms and other information can be integrated into pop-ups.
    These pop-ups can be displayed on any customer action.
  6. Each website is equipped with iTheme Security. This plugin protects your website from attacks by hackers.
  7. BackupBuddy is one of the best plugins to back up your website. This saves a ZIP file from your Web site to a remote folder. So that you can restore your website at any time if it is lost or otherwise no longer working.
    These backups can be created automatically in any cycle. For example, "every day 1 o'clock"

Themeforest templates are created by freelancers from all over the world.

This means that concentrated creativity makes for beautiful websites.

At the same time, however, this also means that the unitary language is English for all plugins and themes.

Depending on the manufacturer, themes and plugins are better or worse or not translated at all.

The German market is only a comparatively small niche for programmers in India or the USA. It is primarily translated into Spanish, French and Russian.

This is also a reason for us to work with our own plugins and themes.


Basis creation 1,299.00€ Net fixed price

The base erupt is the same for each theme the Se select.

  • We create up to 8 pages

    The following pages are considered the default.

    • Home
    • About us
    • Team
    • Services/Prices/Booking
    • Gallery
    • Contact
    • Imprint
    • Data chutz

    These pages can of course be named according to your wishes.
    You can, of course, order additional pages in the customer portal.

  • We secure your site

    Your site is secured with one of the leading plugins for security (iTheme security).

  • We create imprint and data protection

    As an agency partner of eRecht24, we can use all tools to create a privacy policy and an imprint.
    **Please note that this service does not constitute legal advice. We cannot and must not do that. Please contact your lawyer or eRecht24 directly if you want to be absolutely sure.

    If you already have legal texts, you can upload them to the customer portal at any time.

Other services

Shop base for 450,00€ net fixed price

Woocommerce Shop Integration

  • Online Shop

    Shop on Woocommerce basis

    We create a shop based on Woocommerce

    Woocommerce is the leading extension (plugin) to extend a WordPress site to a shop. After we have created the base, we can extend your website to a shop.

    Woocommerce is a free plugin that needs to be installed and set.

    1. We install Woocommerce
    2. We create the first (up to 10) products
    3. We insert the payment functions PayPal and Stripe. An account with these service providers is required.

    4. We test the ordering process

    Woocommerce can be extended by many functions.

    This basic integration only applies to the ordering of simple products with the
    functions available in Woocommerce Standard.

    Bookable products, rentable products, products in different variants
    are not included in this base installation.

    Furthermore, Woocommerce has only one sales process in the basic version up to the order.

    Order processes such as delivery service commissioning, label printing, delivery note creation and invoice creation are not included in the basic package.

    If you would like to use these features please send us your requirements so that we can create an offer

Other services


Booking system Amelia

  • Booking

    The example websites shown here work with different extensions for online booking. On request, you can get our online booking system Amelia free of charge.